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Voluntary Benefits: 2022 Trends and Tips for Employers

Duration: 30 Minutes

As an increasingly important part of employee benefits packages, voluntary benefits offer a wide range of flexibility and options, making them quite attractive to employees. There are many reasons employers should offer voluntary benefits including little or no cost to the employer.  

In this webinar, Brian Freeman, CEO and Founder of Mployer Advisor, will join Heather Garbers, VP of Voluntary Benefits at HUB International, to discuss how to structure, plan, and what to look for when selecting a voluntary benefits plan that’s right for your employees.

We'll also discuss some of the current trends in voluntary benefits to give employers an idea of how to supplement their current employee benefits package.  

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In this webinaryou'll learn how to: 

  • How to effectively design a checklist that will lead to a beneficial voluntary benefits plan 
  • New HR trends that have emerged as a result of COVID-19
  • Answers to popular questions and ongoing concerns about what to consider this enrollment season 


Heather Garbers

Heather Garbers

VP of Voluntary Benefits at HUB International
Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman

CEO & Founder at Mployer Advisor