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Generate New Business With the Next-Generation of Benefits Benchmarking 

Duration: 30 Minutes

How do my benefits compare? It’s a question posed and repeated often by researching employee benefits buyers eager for data-driven insights and comparison tools to simplify their decision-making process.  

Data reveals that CFOs and HR buyers are overwhelmingly willing to meet with a new insurance advisor if that advisor can deliver actionable benefit benchmarking information. 

Insurance consultants and brokers are invited to attend Mployer Advisor’s upcoming panel discussion. Our speakers will review the state of the benchmarking industry and opportunities for consultants and brokers to better educate and add value to employers today. 

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In this webinar, our panelists: 

  • Compare the different types of benchmarking available to employers and brokers, including why Mployer Insights 2022 is the industry’s independent standard. 
  • Describe the limitations of traditional benchmarking reports across the industry and how this inhibits brokers’ ability to drive growth and remain competitive. 
  • Provide a detailed review of our best-in-class Mployer Insights 2022, which features more than 150 localized, actionable insights. 
  • Explain how our independent, micro-targeted benchmarking report is designed to be used when selling and prospecting new clients.


Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman

Founder and CEO, Mployer Advisor
Thom Mangan

Thom Mangan

VP of Strategic Accounts, Mployer Advisor
Abbey Dean

Abbey Dean

Head of Content, Mployer Advisor